• Jadavpur University Alumni Association of Washington Metropolitan Area

Lamp In the Lotus

Time and again we have seen in the human history that great ideas, great institutions, and even great revolutions take place with the collective thoughts and efforts from the leaders of the then societies to pursue a common purpose. Bengal Renaissance is such a phenomenon that came to a pinnacle at the turn of the 19th Century during the partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon. The British is-Calcutta tried to spread western educational thoughts among the elite in India by creating in the words of Lord Macaulcay, "a class of Indians who would be Indian in blood and colour but western in thought and ideas".... read more

Message From President

Dear Friends,
It is my great honor and privilege to represent as the President of the Board of Directors of Jadavpur University Alumni Association of Washington Metropolitan Area (JUAAWMA), for the year 2022.
For more than 40 years JUAAWMA has worked hard to capture the spirit of coexistence amongst the fellow alumni members in Washington Metropolitan Area by organizing various social activities. We have also worked hard to promote professional networking amongst our members. Collectively and in individual capacity our members have participated in many welfare and developmental activities at Jadavpur university. We will continue to promote theses activities in the coming years...more